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“Countdown” Traffic lights

Countdown 200
Countdown 300


  • High brightness thanks to Led optical system
  • Strong and reliable, inserted in traffic lights modules diam. 200 and 300 mm
  • Easy to install
  • Microprocessor based
  • Self-learning of times to be displayed with connection in parallel to the traffic lights; it can be used as a display for figures with communication through serial port
  • Red and green or Amber in the same device
  • EUseful to avoid false starts of drivers, reducing the risk of car accidents
  • It gives an important information on remaining time when used on pedestrian crossings controlled by traffic lights
Countdown 200 red


Countdown traffic lights is an easy and effective device at the same time. Drivers approaching a junction controlled by traffic lights can immediately have the information of the phase in progress on their lane, as the module displays the remaining time of green light, and subsequently the amber and red light for stop.

The application of countdown modules is very easy: their connection is done in parallel to the linked vehicular or pedestrian traffic lights. For this reason it does not need special programming or connections to the traffic controller. For functioning as a display the countdown is provided with a serial port for direct communication with the controller.

The first cycle of self-learning allows the countdown electronic to learn and record vehicular or pedestrian times, and it will start counting from the second cycle.

The best application of these devices is on traffic junctions with fixed times or on systems with dynamic plan generation, but not on lanes with programs that foresee the cancellation or the extension of traffic phases.

In these junctions it is anyway possible to use countdowns, without giving information on variable times.

During the self-learning mode it is possible to choose the display layout to be shown among 7 different types, according to the colour sequence of the traffic lights to be connected with the countdown.

Preset 7 layouts and up to 14 different display combinations. In this way the CD Modules can be linked to traffic lights of any type, sequence and generation, without changing the functionality of the junction itself.

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Cd tabella

Through a simple and intuitive software program, that can be installed on any PC, it will be possible to set the desired display mode and it will be possible to change it at any time. This means that CD is a flexible product able to meet any requirement.

The CD can also be used as a standard display of information. In this case the countdown becomes a normal Led display that can receive orders from any device provided with serial port RS232, through a simple communication protocol.

The mechanics of the countdown module is formed by a single block optics IP65 moulded in shockproof polycarbonate and a series of slides with pressure clips. In this way, it is possible to install the module inside any traffic lights case or on any vertical sign in few minutes.

CODE CD200 Countdown optics single block diameter 200mm complete with no. 3 fixing hooks and no. 1 EPDM moulded gasket.

CODE CD300 Countdown optics single block diameter 300 mm complete with no. 4 fixing hooks and no. 1 EPDM moulded gasket.

Cd software
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