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Athens Municipality and the Ministry of Transport of Greece chose the traffic lights polycarbonate Galileo, with optical technology led STARLED2, which represents the state of the art LED modules currently in the market, thanks to more than 92% of energy savings compared to traditional bulbs signal heads and having technical characteristics to perform extremely well.

The ambitious project involves the installation of over 1.000 signal heads, vehicular traffic lights divided between 3 aspects and 2 aspects ( both as 300 diameter as well as 200 diameter ), pedestrian traffic lights with two aspects, pedestrian countdown signal heads and warning devices of the immediate proximity of the traffic lights junction; the project is now at an advanced stage and already more than 500 signal heads have been delivered; these LED modules also provide the possibility of reducing the voltage (dimmer) in function of the needs Hourly day / night.

Athens and Greece also choose the best, choose LA SEMAFORICA.

This project adds to the many already carried out all along the Mediterranean, from Spain to Turkey, from France to Libya, from Morocco to Portugal, from Egypt to Algeria. More and more municipalities decide to upgrade their systems and implement them with our set of traffic lights to LED optics, which are, along with our entire range of traffic controllers, including the newest Cartesio ®, the result of over 70 years research, development, know-how, and especially a lot of passion and expertise.

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