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MALTA - Following the tender won CT3180 / 2014 last year, and its completion through the installation of 20 centralized traffic light junctions systems made with the RSC traffic controllers and the SW TMacs platform, together with traffic light CVE made by Bayer polycarbonate Makrolon® with LED technology of latest generation Starled2, which allow a considerable energy saving together with great performance Finally the junctions were equipped with pedestrian ZEBRA pushbuttons and acoustic guidance device for the blind and double radar technology, for the detection of pedestrians on crossing "heimdall" ideal for the extension of its time phase with a consequent increase in the safety of the users and the other called "kerbside" essential to detect the pedestrian awaiting at kerbsides as an aid in all those cases in which the pawn you forget to book through the crossing pushbutton, of course, all this as a guarantee of a better safety of weaker road users and proper use of the resources of the city. During his meeting with the executives and directors of Transport Malta accredited to the supervision of public works dedicated to transportation management, has viewings of the platform Smart cities TMacs, was explained all the functionality as well as the multiple integrations and implementations with video surveillance projects, AID, ANPR and VMS project for true interoperability between them. Communication and exchange among the three systems that flow into TMacs by protocol DATEX II.
We are proud that the client has remained happily satisfied with the installed system, at La Semaforica the customer is always at the center of our target.


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