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DECEMBER 2017 - Our presence in Kurdistan, the hub of the Persian- Middle East area, has increased, due to events linked to its strategic position and the presence of enormous raw materials mainly related to oil fields. In the last 3 years we have increased our presence in this territory, thanks to local partners, having already installed over 80 traffic junctions, which will become over 100 with the latest supply contracts in delivery during this period. Installed systems are the result of over 70 years of company know-how, in particular RSC series traffic light controllers have been provided, which are able to regulate traffic with adaptive algorithms according to the occupation of the roadway and therefore of the flows of traffic, also enhanced by pedestrian crossing reservation systems, which through the new touch buttons Zebra with display in kurdish language, as customizable in any language (built with capacitive sensors and customizable micro-processor) can send to the regulator the request for pedestrian reservation and reduce waiting time for pedestrians who want to cross the roadway. The traffic light chosen by the client were the Galileo, molded with Makrolon® polycarbonate from Bayer, IP55, equipped with STARLED2 LED modules in 230 VAC and energy consumption reduced to less than 8 W per LED module, an energy saving amount that will contribute to ROI in terms of time less than 2 years if compared with traditional incandescent light bulb systems.
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