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ABU Dhabi- The presence of our brand in the emirate of Abu Dhabi is increasingly massive. Contracts won at South Shamkha project Area, Al Ain project, and now the Airport Interchange project completes a series of investments in the territory of the UAE to introduce our products and our services, the result of know-how that began since 1945, the year in which Mr. Paolo Greggio founded La Semaforica. During 70 years, the commitment and tradition for innovation continue to be the company's mission, responding concretely to the market needs. Indeed, our company is also able to support overseas installation activities of traffic lights or devices and software systems; on these days an our technical colleague has just came back from a mission of on-site assistance and training regarding the SW and remote management platform TMacs, platform operating systems thanks to adaptive algorithms fulfilling the requirements of management of traffic flows especially at modern urban contexts. The project involved the installation of aluminum traffic lights Giotto totally customized for the customer, who has preferred them thanks to the incredible resistance in environments with adverse weather conditions (remember that the emirate fits into a context where ground temperatures exceed sometimes 70 ° C), dressed by the modules led Starled2 of latest generation, which allow a considerable energy saving together with great performance, and finally traffic controllers RSC with Arm AUT units, which allow the management of traffic flows in a manner adaptive in response to requests of the various traffic flows scenarios through the TMacs platform, the system also provides pedestrian Countdown, Zebra touch buttons with capacitive sensors and acoustic guidance device for the blind, all to guarantee the safety to the weaker road users.



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