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Cork, September 2016 - City Hall Cork,  Ireland, 2nd  most populated city after Dublin, located in the south of Ireland, also called the "capital of the South" for its remarkable cultural influence on the entire island, has selected different manufacturers European traffic lights for a new plant to be built with aluminum signal heads and optical LED units of the latest generation.
Among the various proposals, Cork, has chosen La Semaforica, chose GIOTTO, our wide range of aluminum traffic lights, with 100,200,300 mm diameter, dressed by the range of Totem Giotto and various other special versions. Specifically at Cork were installed vehicular traffic lights 3 aspects d.200 mm diameter, with a repeater signal heads also to the opposite sense, as happens at some countries, and the international pedestrian signal heads 2 aspects d.200 mm, fully equipped with the LED optical modules Starled2 series that allow an energy saving of approximately 90% compared to conventional optics. Such signal heads are characterized by a slim design, the extreme strength and resistance, and by the possibility of being totally customizable about the color of the traffic light housing.

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