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Amsterdam April 2016_ It 'just finished the 2016’s edition of the most important international trade fair involving the ITS industry, it is our intention to sincerely thank all our customers, suppliers, partners, friends, who have expressed their interest in participating in this event, visiting and feeding us great satisfaction and appreciation.


There were many new products and systems shown  such as:

-> The latest version of the new traffic controller CARTESIO,

-> AUT Arm Unit Transfer and TEC Traffic Electronic Classifier units that respectively allow the upgrade of any integrating controller with ARM Core unit interfacing with our platform for remote traffic management TMacs and classification with various types of sensors ( we have introduced on many and various types of different detectors and sensors suitable for the classification of traffic)

-> Many traffic light specific for certain applications such as the Light Rail Transit signal STOP / GO, GTPR12 referred to the French-speaking market, the double color optical module STARLED2 for applications in access control / gate / parking , a special version of Totem traffic light Giotto,

-> Some new applications and tools for remote management of traffic flows and vehicular priorities that operate on our web smart city platform SMACS, such as the new SAFETYGO APP that operates in total safety, dynamic, real-time demand and without any HW apparatus, allowing the activation of vehicular priorities through a simple flag, installable in any type of smartphone or tablet.


We were happy to be able to offer all customers a glass of native wine Prosecco, or a healthy glass of beer produced in the province of Padua, in addition to other typical products of our region, Veneto, proud of our land, of our roots, as much as our customers, friends and partners, because only through respect for the past, our history, we can be ready to face the future together, with the intention and mission to innovate every day our industry.


See you at the next edition of Intertraffic 2018 ...but do not forget that we will also be present during Intertraffic Mexico 16 to 18 November 2016 in Mexico City, booth 419 + 518 Hall A at Banamex Center!


Together we win!



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