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Abu Dhabi – February 2016 .

Abu Dhabi, Abu Zaby more correctly, the capital of the UAE and of the its own emirate, located in the south-eastern part of the Persian Gulf in the Arabian Peninsula, with over 1.5 million inhabitants, has selected and awarded to our company the supply, on several existing traffic junctions and other sites completely new at the new urban area named South Shamkha, at the Airport region Road Network E10 and at the urban area of Al Ain, of traffic lights ( vehicular, pedestrian and of warning of approaching to a traffic light junction ) aluminum Giotto series equipped with optical modules LED Starled2 series that allow the energy savings of about 95 % compared to traditional optics. These signal heads are featured by a slim design, extreme ruggedness and durability in harsh environment locations with large temperature ranges, having the possibility of being completely customizable about them housing color. The supply includes over 200 units together with about 200 pedestrian touch pushbuttons with capacitive sensors ZEBRA Series, customized with double language display English / Arabic.


In addition, the construction of these junctions involves the installation of traffic light controllers RSC customized with technical specifications requested by the DoT of Abu Dhabi; Our company produces in fact 100% in-house and allows full customization of every technical detail to fit the most specific needs. Such units will also be equipped with traffic light centralization TMacs system, chosen and adopted to implement and highly efficient management and performance of controllers RSC.

The items will be delivered to the DoT of Abu Dhabi in the coming days and will be installed by our local partner.


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