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Tirana - February 2016.

Tirana, Tiranë in Albanian language, is the capital of the Republic of Albania, as well as the district capital and the prefecture of the same name; by virtue of its status as capital, it is administratively a special Albanian district.

With about 700,000 inhabitants, it is the most populated city in Albania, but with its 1,238 square kilometers is one of the largest municipalities of Albania and of the major capitals of Europe for breadth of the territory.

The city holds the public institutions, the university and the center of administrative, political, economic and cultural, religious country.

LA SEMAFORICA thanks to its local partner has provided the first Smart traffic light system completed by SW and HW through our platform of centralization TMacs that manges the control center with the use of adaptive algorithms for the more immediate changes to be made automatically done from the field devices to make smoother the flow of vehicular traffic and for any other requirement; The pilot project involves the demonstration field of the benefits that this system transmits. Equipped with traffic lights series Galileo (vehicular, pedestrian and tram) equipped with optical modules Led latest generation STARLED2, characterized by superior performance to the common optical LED and 5 year warranty on the product, allow a saving of more than 95 % of power consumtion than conventional optical lamp that will replace, and make possible the return on investment in about two years from installation; the supply is complete with TOUCH pedestrian pushbuttons series ZEBRA which are customized with local language that appears on the LED display, within the touch of its surface in any weather conditions, thanks to capacitive sensors that allow the booking of zebra cross by activating the acoustic devices DNV driving the blind people accompanied by sensors that understand the level of sound in the surrounding environment and therefore not creating noise pollution in situations of little traffic, especially at night; Finally, the provision provides for a traffic controller series RSC 16 groups also equipped with detectors for electromagnetic induction loops that allow the acquisition of the data regarding vehicular flows, which ruled by the remote on the platform TMACS allow the study in a dynamic and Adaptive way relatively the effective vehicle flow of the various road currents.

This is only one of many demonstrations on the field that our company has performed in more than 70 years of activity in the ITS sector and has led the company to demonstrate the effectiveness and ROI of traffic lights with LED optics, governed through a combination consisting of traffic controllers RSC centralized and enhanced by modern remote management platform TMacs, dressed by a decades-long experience and references throughout EMEA countries.

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