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As usual in December marks the end of a year working and so it was for us the Semaforica, except that in 2015 we also celebrated the 70th company anniversary.
Yes, it has already passed 70 years, since Paolo Greggio, pioneer of traffic regulation, founded what today is a reference both in Italy and abroad for our industry.
2015 was a successful year widen by the consensus that customers, every day we trust and delivering by an endless series of successes.

We list only a few:

  • Rome award of supply contracts on 2 lots of maintenance of traffic lights with ongoing supplies for more than 15,000 traffic lights led, 500traffic light controllers, 1000 pedestrian touch pushbuttons complete with buzzers and centralization of another 100 traffic lights that will add to over 100 already connected to the platform TMacs (in progress)
  • Lisbon supply of more than 17000 led module optics to the replacement of all the old light sources of the city traffic lights (completed)
  • Syracuse award about the led adjustment and centralization of 14 intelligent traffic junctions (finished)
  • Bari award about the  led adjustment, replacing traffic signal controllers and intelligent devices over the centralization of traffic junctions of the city center (in progress)
  • Abu Dhabi , supply of 7 traffic junctions complete including centralization (in progress)
  • city of Florence, supply of all materials related to the completion of the tram line (completed)
  • Award of Enel Sole for the supply of materials related to the traffic light CONSIP lot 1 and 2 (in progress)
  • Supply in Turkey over 7000 optical led through our local distributor (completed)
  • Award race in Malta for the construction of 20 new traffic light system and its control center (in progress)
  • Award the contract to the municipality of Parma adjustment led traffic light installations and maintenance for 3 years (in progress)

And many others for whom we will try to keep you posted ....

With the occasion of the usual Christmas dinner, this year we have organized the celebrations for this anniversary (70th) very important, trying to create an event that would, for one evening, to pay tribute to the great work that day, who is part of the Our corporate staff, plays with commitment and dedication.
The evening saw the entertainment of the highest level of two magicians who entertained with magic tricks every moment of the evening, accompanied by the theme music of Dj Mattia.
During the course of dinner we made a collegiate time for delivery of some plaques and awards witty (chosen purely at random) that rewarded some colleagues, to go to the reading of a letter from Alberto Greggio to all employees time to thank them for what has been done as of now, following which we watched a commemorative video that summarizes these 70 years (video link with the soundtrack).
One of the most excepted moment is the lottery of the end of the year, which saw a prize for this very special edition, a beautiful cruise as first award place, a 40 inch TV offered by TECSEN, our technology partner, a 32 inch TV as third award place and 3 caskets prize for their last three places.
Gadgets and bottles of wine were dispensed at all and ended the evening with the cutting of the cake confectioner by Cake-chef BIASETTO (a delicious cake to say the least).
The beautiful evening ended with dancing, singing and an atmosphere worthy of note is that this wonderful group that deserves credit for what has been achieved.

To you some of the pictures and videos the most significant of the evening

Until next time ...


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