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Malta – December 2015 .

LA SEMAFORICA was awarded about the tender for the supply and installation of 1 UTC room complete with SW and HW through our platform of centralization TMACS that will manage the UTC system by using adaptive algorithmic enable to get the on time modification required to be sent to the on-site devices to improve the vehicular traffic flowing ; the Bid includes even the purchase of more than 250 traffic lights CVE series ( vehicular and pedestrian ) with latest generation Led optical modules STARLED2 , featuring strong performance better than common optics and by a 5-year full warranty on the product, allow a saving of over 95% of electricity consumption than conventional lamp optical that will replace, enabling the return on investment in about two years from installation; the purchase is completed by 20 traffic controllers RSC series with 16 signal groups even equipped with electromagnetic  inductive loops detectors four-channel.

The items will be delivered to the Ministry of Transport of Malta in the coming days and will be installed by our local partner entirely supported by our engineers and technicians which will guide all phases of the project.

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