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Lisbon (Portugal)– September 2015 .

Lisbon , capital of Portugal with over 3 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area , which represents 1/3 of the Portuguese population , city with a deep and ancient history and culture, has been the scene of a major ESCO project organized from one of the largest entrepreneurial Portuguese holding company named GALP , which has organized a project of key importance from the point of view of energy saving act to make reduce overall costs in the capital on several fronts , within which there is the replacement 12,500 obsolete traffic light optics modules with LED module of the last generation that will have to repay the investment made within 24 months of their relative installation.

Thanks to our local partner, LA SEMAFORICA has been awarded the supply of over 12.500 LED optical modules of the latest generation named STARLED2, these LED modules earned a great success throughout the EMEA market, thanks to them higher performance against the common LED modules and equipped with a 5-year warranty, allows saving over 95% electricity compared to conventional lamp optics that will replace, allowing the return on investment in about 24 months from installation.

Together we win, even Lisbon choose LA SEMAFORICA.

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