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With pride and satisfaction we communicate that we have been selected, through the participation to the tender with our local partner, to be one of the 3 suppliers of Copenaghen, for the supply of ITS products and systems.

This Smartcity in particular is the reference point for integrated ITS systems, indeed it is today an icon for our industry, beyond a thought for all the companies, that make an element of challenge and continuous development more and more dynamic, adaptive and communicating devices on the road, all of these to increase efficiency in traffic flows, whatever not only vehicles but also the whole road users.

In particular, the bicycle is the fastest Copenaghen’s used vehicle (35% of commuters use the bicycle as a means of transport daily, where the roads are separated against the main traffic routes and are compatible with the vertical signage system that communicates with dynamic vehicular signage). Our offer includes the supply of Giotto series aluminum traffic lights, dressed by the latest generation of very low consumption "Starled2" LED modules, with a saving of about 95% compared to traditional optics, installed in about 1 million units in the last decade in about 30 nations worldwide.

CARTESIO, last born in La Semaforica, representing the state of the art in terms of adaptive, dynamic phases, able to communicate at high level, in real time, with other devices, delivering information and traffic tools even through the ITS platform TMACS, which works through the RSMP communication protocol (required by the Copenhagen municipality) with other existing systems.

Over 60,000 traffic controllers installed, thousands of these are centralized through our ITC platform for smartcity TMACS in about 20 countries, this results are only the last ones of these years, which means benefits to road-users in terms of reduction of waiting times, reduction of air pollution, better traffic flow efficiency, and as a result of improved quality of life for people.

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