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Luminous Pedestrian Crossing


During night and on situations with poor visibility, pedestrian crossings must be suitably lit and signposted.

On pedestrian crossings occur many accidents, because, on the zebra crossings pedestrian feels “safe”, considering to be into a space dedicated to him, that causes a significant decrease of attention in relation to vehicles in transit.

SLP arises for safer pedestrian crossings and signalling them presence through led traffic light projectors EN12368 certified and rear-illuminated Figure 303 C.D.S. with led illuminators according to UNI 12899.

Get illumination of 100 lux minimum, limited to the horizontal plane and a narrow strip around the area of ​​pedestrian crossing is a significant contributor to get the attention of oncoming vehicles.

SLP is available in various configurations according to each need and type of road such as with illuminators which create a positive contrast with the pawn and installed at a height of 4.5 meters on the pole, or with walking tables Fig. 303 60x60 cm bright and not, recall standing on the pole with bracket.

Double side Illuminated Sign made by Aluminum “pedestrian crossing” 100X100 cm as per the Highways code.


Housing made by anodized aluminum , silver colored, 25/10 and plexiglass cover panels thermoformed th. 3 mm, with power supply 230 Vac.


4 tubes Easylight LED having the following characteristics:

  • perfect LED solution to replace the classic neon tubes
  • Issuance of direct light
  • Body of the LED tube in anodized aluminum
  • Emission Opal beam turns with quick-installation
  • High efficiency up to 140 lm / W with higher MTBF to 50.000 Hours
Consumption 30 W
Luminous flow 2400lm/mt 6500K
MTBF 50.000h
Index of performance CRI > 80
Light Regulation mode ON/OFF o DALI
Housing profile Anodized aluminum
IP Housing IP54
Operating temperature -30°C a + 70°C

Power source

(from internal 230V power supply)

24 Vac
Emission Beam 120°
Tolerance color 3 SDCM
Photo biological risk Class 0 (no risks)


LED light bar specific for zebra crossings , can also be used for industrial and external lighting. Compliance with UNI EN 13201 Optical symmetrical led specification for pedestrian crossings

Power supply: 230 Vac optional 12 Vdc

Power consumption: 55W

Material: aluminum with adjustment bracket included

Dimensions 80 x 91 x 1000 mm ( without bracket ) Available with twilight switch for the ignition at sunset .

Safety Class II . waterproof projector IP55.


The pole is made from trapezoidal sheet steel bent longitudinally in successive stages until obtaining the shape of a truncated pyramid with an octagonal base. The longitudinal edges facing after folding are welded by automatic procss.

The arm is made cylindrical tubular elements of decreasing diameter, suitably radiused (tapered) and welded in sequence.

The arm is disassembled and fits into the seat of the top of the mast: the final tightening is assured, with 4 + 4 screws arranged radially.

The standard features of the base of the gantry pole include: No. 1 slot for terminal board, n ° 1 connection for the earthing system, No. 1 slot for cable entry.

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STEM: realized in S 235 JR sheet steel (UNI EN 10025)

ARM: tube made of S 235 JR steel sheet (UNI EN10025) produced with ERW method approved. surface finish: hot dip galvanizing to EN 1461.


Longitudinal and circumferential procedure performed with an automatic process, IIS certified.


Hot dip galvanizing according to EN 1461 of all components elements

All the dimensions are in mm.
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Available also with Save City Pole
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