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TL Series

Signalization of traffic lights proximity or generic danger

The products TL includes all signals of notice and flashing signalling of generic danger, or proximity to a traffic light junction.



Alerting of traffic light junction with solar panel.

This product allows to indicate the presence of a junction controlled by traffic lights.

Enclosed with a flashing yellow light diameter 200 mm, and powered by photovoltaic cells and buffer battery, the system is composed by:

  • No. 1 panel with photovoltaic cells 12 V
  • N. 1 h post. mt. 4,00 and galvanized steel structure with the photovoltaic module orientation device and cassette battery door
  • N. 1 stationary accumulator low maintenance 12Vdc 9A / h
  • No. 1 electronic flashing device 12 V
  • N. 1 battery charge controller
  • N. 1 triangle side cm. 120 aluminum reflective 25/10 EG
  • N. 1 LED yellow light with high brightness

Theoretical duration of 36 hours in the absence of light (with fully charged battery regularly maintained)



Flashing warning system with solar panel composed by:

  • IP65 box
  • fixing collar with variable adjustment for pole diameter from 60 to 100 mm
  • electronic device of dual output 12Vdc flashing
  • charge controller
  • Solar Panel 25W
  • 12Vdc battery 9A / h
  • LED traffic light 12Vdc ultra low power (1.5W) in different configurations: (complete with universal connections for pole type T0RM32 + ADW)
  • TL60RM LED traffic light two aspects diameter 200 mm type CVE/2/200GGL
  • TL60RM1 LED traffic light 1 aspect 200 mm diameter light type CVE /1/200GL
  • TL60RM2 LED traffic light two aspects diameter 300 mm type CVE/2/300GGL
  • TL60RM3 LED traffic light 1 aspect 300 mm diameter light type CVE/1/300GL
  • Pole not included.

    Theoretical duration 36 hours* in absence of light (with fully charged battery regularly maintained)

    * 18 hours in the case of the configurations with dual traffic light

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