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Speed display

ST1200 fronte
ST1200 retro

General characteristics

Panel bollard speed ST is based on a principle of very simple operation, the reading of speed of approaching vehicles, is made by Doppler radar that transfers the data through an RS232 door to variable message panel capable of making visible the speed detected. Depending on the speed, panel ST offers a variable message to the approaching vehicle driver, dissuading him from overcoming speed limits.

The outer frame of ST panel has external dimensions 100x120 cm and is constructed of extruded aluminum primary alloy 6060 according to UNI EN 573 BS EN 755-5 physical status T5 according to UNI EN 515, anodized. The average thickness of the profiles is mm. 1.8 / 2 under UNI EN 755-3 and 755-9.

Graphic panel on a black background to increase contrast and then the visibility of the LED.

The front door hinged on two points allows easy access to the display in case of necessary maintenance.

Frontal panel in antiglatre polycarbonate with screen limit speed 50 km / h and written fixed “SPEED ‘detected.”

Dual battery 12V 17 Ah ,buffer with predisposition for power through voltage 230Vac or photovoltaics Panel.

3-digit display character height 28 cm, with an integrated display words sets “slow / - 5 ITEMS / -10 points” (also available the model with active matrix and the ability to display written different) to set in the thresholds of speed and in the settings by software such as HyperTerminal.

Complete with galvanized steel pole fixed by mounting plate with anchor bolts.

Silk-screen logo of the borough reference on top in aluminum.

Microwave radar to detect the speed from 0 to 199 Km / h with pointing distance 100/150 meters, installed inside the panel with a bracket for guidance and calibration on two axes 180 °.

RS232 serial port for connection to PC.

Optional GSM modem that can connect remotely with the ST panel and run the complete reprogramming of settings intervention in addition to the discharge from remote data traffic statistics.

Data of traffic / speed can be exported to simple tables excel for their full control on graphs and histograms.

Technical details of speed display

  • Digit 7-segment
  • Digit Number 2 +1 / 2
  • Displayed speed 00-199 Km / h
  • Detection distance of the vehicle 100/150 meters
  • Nominal height character writing speed 280 mm
  • Number of LEDs per Digit 241
  • Type LED AllnGaP
  • Color Amber (588-594 nm)
  • Typical brightness LED 3000mcd
  • Horizontal angle visibility: 50°
  • Angle visibility vert. : 110°
  • Automatic brightness
  • LED average life of 100,000 hours at 30 degrees temperature

Technical data display integrated

Alphanumeric indicator exceeded speed limit 50km / h: (Default)

  • Supero from +0 to +9 km / h “slow down"
  • +10 to +39 km / h “Slow down - 5 POINTS
  • +40 Km / h “Slow down - 10 POINTS
  • 8 characters per line
  • Number Lines 1
  • Font height 100 mm
  • 69 mm width of the character
  • Distance between characters 30 mm
  • Brightness 3000 cd / m
  • Contrast ratio of 5 to 40,000 lu
ST1200 dettaglio

Technical data sheet control display

  • Central handling microprocessor with data connector RS232 and RS485 and two relay outputs
    • Setting operating parameters via RS232 communication standard using a program like Hyperterminal
    • Setting minimum speed and maximum viewable
    • Setting minimum and maximum range automatic brightness adjustment
    • Setting speed independent activity for the two relay
    • Setting three thresholds for speed change message panel alphanumeric
    • Data download counting means divided into 3 speed classes with 3 separate 24-bit counters (> 16,000,000 for CAD. Class.)

Photovoltaic panel ST/FT technical data

  • Photovoltaic Panel 120W Standard (150W on request)
  • Electronic regulator charge / discharge
  • Adjustable mounting brackets and adjustable tilt
  • Number 2 batteries 17 A / h
  • Autonomy of the panel 16 hours in the absence of sun

Technical data panel with ST/AC power

  • Electronic regulator for charging batteries capable of operating with supply 230 Vac or be connected to public lighting and thereby ensure the recharge during the night of the panel.
  • Differential breaker for the imput line and lamps selector.

Technical data panel ST/AC/LUX power

  • Implement in the panel the night lighting, with three 18 W fluorescent tubes and their activation with dusk to illuminate the speed limit and the top panel so as to make it more visible.
  • In the version with photovoltaic panel, this kit is not available for issues of battery power and was replaced by a film refracting in class II.
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