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Electronic deterrent speed

ST900 fronte
ST900 solare

ST/900, electronic deterrent speed with variable message integrated display, “slow down”, “-5, -10 points” depending on the speed threshold.

Available power:

  • 230 Vac
  • From public lighting
  • Photovoltaic

Technical characteristics, speed indicator 2 ½ digit:

  • Digit 7 segment
  • Number of Digit 2 e 1/2
  • Nominal character height mm 280
  • Used transducer LED led AlInGaP
  • Colour amber (588-590nm)
  • Piloting of LED static
  • Brightness 5.000 cd/mq
  • LED lifetime 100.000 hour
  • Horizontal visibility angle 50° vert. 100 horiz.
  • Brightness adjustment automatic
  • Power 230 Vca


The box consists of a steel sheet painted, assembled, welded and treated with epoxy for outdoor use. The front screen is made from a sandwich of aluminum / reflective polycarbonate and aluminum.

The aluminum sheet of 20/10, is appropriately made to obtain slits in coincidence to every LED and on which backs are mounted after the electronic boards.

The container is closed with a side hinged door, equipped with gaskets and sealing is achieved by latches with loop sealing through padlock.

The realization, totally aluminum, and the front screen made of sandwich, make the installation of any ventilation system not necessary.

The maximum temperature reached inside the container is perfectly in rules of operation, up to the external air temperature of 45 ° and in the presence of direct sunlight.

Degree of protection IP55

External dimensions in mm: 570 x 510 x 90 (W x H x D

Static area

Static area with written SPEED DETECTED material PVC sticker, customizable on-demand with higher appendix showing the references of the municipality.

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