LED Traffic Signal of driving direction for the TRAM

STOP-GO is a traffic signal designed to provide a clear route indication to tramcars driver.

This signal head has been realized with LED technology, being composed by 21 dots emitting light, each of which is realized by 6 LEDs string. STOP-GO displays the 6 different aspects prescribed by the UK traffic regulation, allowing tramcars driver to travel safely.

STOP-GO can be placed into all the traffic lights series produced by La Semaforica: CVE or GALILEO made out of polycarbonate and with a standard or slim design, as well as GIOTTO with an elegant aluminium enclosure.

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Material Aluminium and/or Polycarbonate Bayer Makrolon® UV stabilized
Impact Resistance Class Class IR3 (Ref. EN12368:2006, Ref. EN 60598-1:2004)
Protection Class IP IP55 (Ref. EN60529), Class IV (Ref. EN12368:2006)
Standard Color Gray (RAL 7035) ) available any color on demand
Diameter 300 mm ± 10% (Ref. EN12368:2006)
Optic STOP-GO Module
Temperature -40°C, +60°C (Ref. EN60068-2-1-14), Class A,B,C (Ref. EN12368:2006)
Permanent Inflection < 0.04 % (Ref. EN12368:2006)
Temporary Flexion < 2 % (Ref. EN12368:2006)


Power Supply: 230 VAC @ 50 Hz
ASPECT Consumption [W] Max Consumption [W]
Power ON 2.25 2.26
Give Way 5.33 5.35
Go 5.33 5.35
Stop 5.31 5.35
Left 5.32 5.35
Right 5.34 5.35

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