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RIV Series

Presence Inductive Detectors



  • Traffic control applications, also on intersection
  • Parking management
  • Vehicle counting
  • All applications linked to detection of vehicle passage or stop


  • Single or Dual channel detector
  • Detection of all vehicle classes, from bicycles to trucks, thanks to 4 sensitivity adjustable steps for each channel
  • Length of relay closing related to vehicle presence on the loop
  • Possibility of continuous or impulsive output (riv/2)
  • Functioning as two-channel presence detector or as directional detector (riv/2)
  • Tuning rate 20uH - 1000uH
  • Frequency adjustable with four levels, unique for both channels (riv/2)
  • Frequency adjustable with four steps from 24KHz to 78 KHz
  • Output relay with contact 5A @ 230 Vac
  • Answer time 75 ms
  • Operative temperature from– 40°C to + 70°C, humidity < 95% (without condensation)
  • Power supply 230 Vac ± 10% 48-62 Hz
  • Consumption 25 mA
  • Housing in black ABS IP30
  • Small dimensions 76x40x78 mm
  • UNDECAL Socket

Available also in electronic board size:

  • Art. RIV/2/EB Eurocard two-channel detector
  • Art. RIV/4/EB Eurocard four-channel detector
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