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TRACK 100/200

Special vehicle identification system



Track 100 and Track 200 are vehicle identification systems designed for the control and priority of public means of transport, buses, and any other vehicle that needs priority on a traffic lights installation.

Track 100 is a single frequency system, while Track 200 can work with four different codes of frequency, giving four possible identifications both for receiver and for transmitter modules.

Transmitter module is installed inside the vehicle and supplied by vehicle battery. Receiver is connected to an inductive loop spire placed under the road surface: the loop interacts with the transmitter through inductive action.

The working mode is simple: the transmitter sends a lowpower message that is picked up and controlled by the receiver which supplies an output signal.

This system allows for identification of vehicles fitted with the transmitter device, while unequipped vehicles are ignored by the receiver.


The Transmitter Track 100 and Track 200 is studied for an easy connection to the frame of any vehicle and can operate with any environmental condition, even the most difficult.

The power produced is considerable low and therefore regular concerning radio emission.


The Receiver receives and controls the signal emitted by the transmitter. If it receives the signal within the inductive field, the receiver will supply an exit signal for the whole period of vehicle presence.

The receiver is able to classify 4 different codes, as additional controls have been foreseen for each frequency.


  • The output signal of the receiver can be used to open a gate, a barrier automatically or allow priority in a traffic control system.

Output signals are in function of the frequency used, and it is possible to enable them connecting or disconnecting the operating frequency.


Dati Track 1
 Dati Track 2
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