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RXC Series

Microwave Radar


High-technology RXC radars use the Doppler Fizeau principle in the 24,125 GHz frequency (band K). Thanks to this high frequency band, SPOT radars detection results are fully effective and reliable.

Each parameter - range, direction of movement, speed threshold, minimum movement, filters, etc. - can be easily adjusted on front plate.

Its optional infrared remote control makes on-site configuration easier. Adjustments can be immediately seen, checked, and modified at the user’s convenience.


  • Traffic light control
  • “Green wave“ regulation
  • Over-speed signalling
  • Traffic jam detection.


  • A detection range of 60m, 100m, 150 m or 180m
  • Unidirectional (arriving) or omnidirectional
  • 16 adjustable speed thresholds
  • Detachable IP68 waterproof connector or cable gland output
  • Easy access to adjustments on front plate
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 datiRXC pannello



SPOT microwave radars (24.125 GHz) are associated to a very powerful microprocessor (type Hcmos) to ensure reliable operation.

Detection range

Capsys RXC radar in 60m, 100m, 150m or 180m version can deliver 2 information depending on the version:

  • 1 relay mode can detect a vehicle driving over or under a chosen speed
  • 2 relays mode can detect on the 2nd relay and in parallel, all vehicles regardless of their driving speed.

Driving direction for detection

Two possibilities selectable by switch: unidirectional for approaching vehicles or omnidirectional for both directions. It makes this product flexible in terms of use.

Minimum length of movement

This is the minimum movement before detecting a vehicle. This function acts as a real “filter”, rejecting “false” detections due to the direct environment (trees, wind, instable post…). It ensures that only the desired target is detected.

Compensation of the inclination angle

A specific setting compensates the measure error due to radar inclination angle.

A precise marking on the fixing bracket easily defines the correction setting to apply.

16 speed thresholds

Selectable thanks to a rotary switch

  • 1 km/h to 130 km/h for 150m version
  • 1 km/h to 55 km/h for 60m version.

Easy installation

Easy to mount on traffic lights or on public light posts, traffic signs, etc. with a double-axle, adjustable mounting bracket.

Adjustments without dismantling

Easy access thanks to a waterproof front plate or with remote control from ground level.

Led display

High luminosity Leds (green & red) on front face for all detections and/or over/underspeed detection.

IP66 housing

Compact and discreet UV-resistant plastic housing.


Detachable IP68 waterproof connector and/or 5 m cable


Relay with positive security or serial link with speed data transmission in option.

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