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Traffic Lights “Countdown” with led RGB

Countdown rgb 300


  • High brightness thanks to the RGB type led optic
  • Sturdy and reliable structure inserted in traffic lights - diameter 200 and 300 mm
  • Simple installation
  • Semplice installazione
  • Advanced electronics consisting of 1 power supply board and 1 display board with microprocessor control
  • Self-learning of the times to be displayed with the connection in parallel with the lantern; or display of digits with communication via RS485 serial port
  • Green, yellow and red in the same aspect
  • It avoids false departures of road users reducing the risk of road accidents
  • It provides a useful indication of the traffic and / or pedestrian vehicle traffic times


The "countdown" traffic light is a simple and effective device at the same time. The visualization of the residual time of lighting of the associated traffic lights phase is activated with numbers of the same color of the signal head, having height of 130mm for lights of 200mm diameter and of 187mm for lights of 300mm diameter. The road users that are coming at the traffic junctions can be immediately informed of how much time left of green’s aspect will be given to the direction they are interested in, the same traffic light’s countdown at the end of the green signal indicates the seconds of amber and then the red waiting.

The countdown traffic light are applied by means of RS485 serial communication in complete safety and compliance with the applied standards. The logic inputs are taken from the traffic lights whose residual time is to be displayed and through the smart CDI interface that communicates and reads from the traffic controller the running traffic plan and can be used to transfer the residual traffic light times (vehicular and / or pedestrian) with appropriate configuration

The use is optimized on traffic lights’ systems with fixed times, on dynamic plan’s generation or on all the directions that do not provide for prolonged or suppression phases; in these cases it is however possible to apply them choosing not to give information on the times subject to variation

In self-learning mode it is possible to choose the type of indication to be provided on 7 different operating modes, depending on the type of color code and the type of signal head to associate the device

On these 7 operating modes it is possible to set up to 14 different combinations of display, this means that the CD / RGB 200 or 300 can be combined with traffic light systems of any type and of any generation without altering the functionality of the plant itself.

Designed and approved to meet the requirements of the Decree of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport of 27 April 2017 (G.U. n.140 of 19-6-2017)

The LED-RGB technology together with the microcontroller technology inserted into the device, finally, allows the achievement of levels of brightness proportional to those of all the pedestrian and vehicular traffic lights, so as not to disturb the visibility of the latter and not to bear no visual annoyance for road users

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CDI – CountDown Interface

This is an electronic device fitted into a box made of UL94-V0 self-extinguishing PC / ABS Blend.

Thanks to it, is possible to use the RGB Countdown in centralized systems or regulated by traffic lights planes implemented, semi-implemented or in any case of non-predetermined duration of the phases. It incorporates a microcontroller electronic board with high computing power, various communication, input and output interfaces and the possibility of remote connection to the system in which it is installed.

Thanks to the CDI interface combined with the TMACS centralization system, all the diagnostic events of the remote countdown can be managed in addition to its eventual reprogramming.

Countdown rgb 300



CD200 RGB 2 digits

h 130mm

CD300 RGB 2 ½ digits

h 187mm

Nominal diameter

200mm and 300mm

Light source

LED-RGB Technology

Luminosity class and angular distribution


Colors (chromaticity coordinates)


Supply voltage

230VAC (-13% +10% Rif. EN50556)

42VAC (-13% +10% Rif. EN50556)

12VDC (*)

Automatic brightness control (dimming)

Input voltage

230 VAC: 160VAC - 190VAC

Input voltage

42 VAC: 18VAC - 29VAC

Power consumption

3-24 W (**)

Operating temperature

-40 °C +60 °C

Class A, B, C Rif. EN12368:2006

IP rating

IP 65 (module)

IP 55 (module and traffic light)

EMC Compatibility


Electrical protection (LVD)


Electrical insulation

Class II

(*) Upon request

(**) According to the luminosity class set and the digits shown

Countdown rgb 200
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