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PEDESTRIAN “Countdown” Traffic lights


  • High brightness thanks to Led optical system
  • Strong and reliable, inserted in traffic lights modules diam. 200
  • Easy to install
  • Microprocessor electronics
  • Self-learning of times to be displayed with connection in parallel to the traffic lights; it can be used as a display for figures with communication through serial port
  • Amber led
  • It gives an important information on remaining time of amber when used on pedestrian crossings controlled by traffic lights


The countdown CD / PD “pedestrian” is a device designed and developed specifically for the Italian market for the safety and protection of pedestrians on crossings. As required by the new C.D.S. art. 41 yellow pedestrian has the function to indicate to pedestrians to clear the passage, so the duration of this report is sized to fit the width of the path.

Used in conjunction with the lantern traffic light pedestrian countdown displays with a 2-digit display, the remaining time during the crossing of yellow on systems regulated by traffic lights. The installation of this device is very simple as it requires a parallel connection to yellow after the countdown pedestrian shall independently determine after a traffic light cycle time display.

Usually the yellow pedestrian signal is misinterpreted by pedestrians who appear to her do not know if they can complete the crossing safely, or if they have to go back. The remaining time display becomes essential to ensure the certainty of being able to pedestrians crossing the street safely, therefore particularly suitable for the elderly and vulnerable road users.

During the first sequence of self-learning, the display shows the yellow segments that run in clockwise rotation, while during any operation to flashing yellow, flashing the display of only the horizontal segments.

CD/PD apprendimento
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Equipped with advanced electronics countdown is equipped with stability control and signal verification that the pedestrian traffic light cycle, in addition to monitoring / feedback of the segments (each segment is composed of two branches of LEDs) which shall function in ALARM, in the case of burning of the LEDs and the loss of an entire segment of the display, turns off the device. The programming of the countdown can also occur as a video display, through the management via RS232 and the software provided on request.

The countdown can be supplied as a single module enclosed in a perspective polycarbonate lanterns ideal to be placed on existing without having to replace (after verification of compliance with the legislation) or inserted in the lantern houses such as “Galileo” or “CVE”. Thanks to the 125 mm character height display provides excellent viewing up to a distance of 60/70 meters.

Displaying maximum 99 seconds used as a supplementary module to be installed above the pedestrian lantern or assisted reporting of yellow (available brackets for this type of installation) or as a substitute for the yellow pedestrian light.

CD/PD installed
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