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CVE Series

Polycarbonate traffic lights

CVE 200
CVE 300

Ministry Homologation no. 2754 of 27/05/1997 In compliance to EN 12368 (Tests carried out with accredited laboratories


The new traffic lights in polycarbonate for the traffic series CVE present the following benefits:

  • an elegant design to improve city centre furnishings;
  • high luminosity and very good visibility
  • resistant, long-lasting and with an easy maintenance
  • light and for this reason easy to instal
  • resistant to the worse weather agents
  • cheap and easily interchangeable with the most widespread traffic lights
CVE lamp


Modular With sectional aspects diameter 210 and 300 mm Dimensions: Standardized and completely interchangeable with the most widespread traffic lights

Front doors: Clutch front doors with spring screw rotating of 90° on two closing points. Polycarbonate lense moulded in it.

Sun visors: Rapid clutch sun visors with differentiate rotating insert against accidental fall. The sun visor can also be fixed for using the traffic lights in horizontal position, for specific applications like on highways tollgates and portals with road signs linked to traffic lights.

Brackets for fastening traffic lights on poles Ø 102 mm, similar modular up and down brackets that can be used with other widespread supports: the fixing arms (mod. B/U) can also be fixed band-it.

On demand: Brackets for fastening the traffic lights on the arm of an octagonal section pole with bent arm or air rope.

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Polycarbonate with high mechanical resistance, originally pulp-coloured, UV stabilized, self-extinguishing.

Available with standard colours: green, yellow, black and yellow-black association

Available, on demand, also grey colour and greyblack combination.

Optical group (CESI test report ILL-96/38387)

Polycarbonate lenses, UV stabilized, originally pulp coloured in green, amber, red and white colours, chromatic characteristics according to CIE Norm 1931 (GALILEO FERRARISCertification no. 31013-01; no. 31090-01).

On demand honeycomb anti-phantom filter; Hot fastening of front masks with symbols of arrows, pedestrians, cycles.

Reflectors in looking-glass plastic material or RENAL buffed aluminium > 99,8 % anodized > 5micron with high reflecting performance.

Reflector with rapid clutch fastening on flexible support.

Ceramic lamp holder according CEI directives, with E27 connection, not provided with adjustment of lamps focusing

Light emission > 200 cd.

On demand, lamp holders for Ba20 and halogen lamps.

Electrical connections complete with wire terminals, made with unipolar cables in silicone rubber, section 1,5 mmq IMQ mark, voltage rating 500 V, test voltage 2000 V, operating temperature - 60°C + 180°C. One for each lamp holder and one for the neutral connection. System with double insulation, Class II.

Protection degree

IP 55 - IEC 529 TEST REPORT CESI 6R-96/039567 Made with a gasket in neoprene with closed cells, it is inserted between the case and the front door of the aspect, lodged in a special seat on the front door. The lens is moulded inside the front door. For aspects diameter 210 mm the gasket used has a diameter of 10 mm with a development of 710 mm, while for aspects diameter 300 mm it has a diameter of 12 mm with a development of 1020 mm.

The two closing rotating points of the front door are provided with two counteracting springs in stainless steel AISI 302 (diameter 1,3 mm; spring 13x7; length 34 mm). The pressure exerted by the two springs keeps a uniform compression of the gaskets inserted, equal to the 20% of their thickness.

Resistence to weather agents

In compliance to EN12368 classe A,B,C -40°C - +60°C

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