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RS series

Repeater traffic lights diam. 100 mm

RS 2 luci
RS 3 luci


Our series of small polycarbonate signal heads “RS” offers the following advantages:

  • An elegant design
  • High luminosity and excellent visibility
  • Ease of replacing the traditional bulbs with LED modules
  • Light and easy to install
  • Resistant to all the worst atmospheric agents
  • Ideal for use in parings, private gates and industrial signals


Polycarbonate with an elevated mechanical strength, colored at the origin in paste, UV stabilised, autoestinguishing.

Available in the standard colors: green and black.

Upon request it can be produced in other colors, like yellow.


Modular, with stackable elements

Rapid insertion doors with four locking screws on the front

Polycarbonate lens colured in paste (there are two different lenses available, depending on whether the light source is LED or bulbs

Sun visor molded with the door. It can be fixed to the signal head horizontally for special applications (for example, advertising signs)

Brackets for modular supports for Ø 102 mm poles. They can be used with Band-It and, upon request, can be provided with adapters for flat surfaces

Protection grade IP55

Operating temperature, according to EN12368 class A, B, C -40°C - +60°C

Isolation Class II

Weight 1.5 Kg (for the three modules and the B/U brackets)

Size of a single module: 150x150x175mm

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E27 Ceramic bulb socket according to CEI rules 40W bulb, 230 Vac +/-15%, with cyclic on period not exceeding 24 hours, or 12/24 Vcc +/- 15%.

Electrical connections with terminated silicon rubber coated unipolar wires. 1.5mmq section and one wire for each socket plus the common contact.

Polycarbonate molded reflector with rapid insertion on the bulb socket. Reflecting and resistant to high temperatures..


The double Fresnel lens used for the LED optics is different from that for the bulbs and is molded with the door.

Standard supply voltage 230 Vac +/- 15% or 12 Vcc +/- 10% upon request

Power consumption of each module (red, amber, green): 3W

Electrical connections with terminated silicon rubber coated unipolar wires. 1.5mmq section and one wire for each socket plus the common contact (it is also available a connection for the 12Vcc, replacing the standard one)

Chromatic coordinates Red (625 +/- 5 nm) Amber (592 +/- 3 nm) Green (505 +/- 5 nm)

Compliant with EN12368:2006

Intensity > 200 CD

RS profilo
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