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Led Modules for next generation traffic lights



Our history of over 65 years of experience allowed us to realize one of the most innovative solutions for traffic lights lighting based on LED technology.

An electronic control driver runs a central light generated from High Flux LED that thanks to the dual lens system allows to obtain a plain bright light.

Reliable, technologically advanced, easy to install and built in compliance with EN12368:2006, today the line of led optics for traffic lights STARLED2 is on the market as a response to the ever-increasing demands to reduce consumption and environmental respect.

Different power sources available to provide solutions in step with new applications such as photovoltaic panels, extra low voltage for safety applications, etc.


  • Vision of the light evenly distributed throughout the lens without Pin effect
  • Low power consumption with high light output
  • Reduction of ghost effect at the lowest levels provided by EN12368:2006
  • Average life more than 10 years
  • Available with white tinted lenses and to white for tram signals
  • Quick connection system with sliding guides, 3 for diameter 200 mm and 4 for the 300 mm supplied with sealing gasket
  • Opening of the simplified module with screwed lens and fresnell internal screw with clutch pressure
  • Available all symbol masks and on request custom versions
  • Highest luminance uniformity level
  • No phantom effect
  • Neutral lens (Not coloured) available
  • Dimmerable version available
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