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Double color Module on single aspect

Starled R+G
Starled R+G

Our history of over 70 years of experience has driven us to create one of the most innovative solutions for the traffic lights based on LED technology.

An electronic control driver manages two central lights generated by LED High Flux that thanks to the dual lens system allow to obtain a uniform, bright light.

Reliable, technologically advanced, easy to install and built in compliance with the EN12368:2006 now optical led series STARLED2 R+V are introduced at the market as a response to the growing demands for reduced power consumption and environmental friendliness.

Low consumption power sources to provide actualized solutions with the new applications such as photovoltaic panels and other.



Ø210 mm

Ø300 mm

Light intensity (EN12368:2006)

red | green > 400cd

red | green > 400cd

Performance Level (EN12368:2006)

B3/2W A3/2W | B3/2N

B2/2W B2/2N


acc. to EN12368:2006

Uniformity (EN12368:2006)

Better than 1:2,5

Type of LED

High flux

Phantom effect

Class 5

Power supply voltage

12 - 24 V AC/DC

Power consumption

red 3 W, green 4 W


acc. to EN50293


4 x 0,75 mm2; 0,8 m of length

Temperature Range of operation

acc. to EN12368:2006

Class A, B, C

-40 +60° C

Protection Class

Class II acc. to EN60598

Protection Level

IP 65 acc. to EN60598

Impact Resistance level

Class IR3 acc. to EN60598-1

Material of the lens and housing

Polycarbonate UV stabilized


0,5 Kg

1,0 Kg

Dimensions (including frontal lens)

Ø 208 x 116 mm

Ø 300 x 161 mm

Starled R+V techAll the dimensions are in mm.
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  • Vision of the light distributed uniformly all over the lens without pinpoint effect
  • Low power consumption with high brightness output
  • Reduction phantom effect at the minimum levels required by EN12368: 2006
  • Average lifetime over 10 years
  • Fumè Lens with white effect
  • Option with quick coupling system with sliding guides 3 for the diameter 200 mm and 4 300 mm supplied with gasket seal
  • Simplified opening of the module with lens screw and internal Fresnel with pressure lens-mount
  • Available all symbol templates provided by Highways rules and on demand custom versions


  • Use for parking management in-out
  • Signalling of movable traffic bollards
  • Management of private alternating one-way ramps
  • Option for the automatic barriers
  • All entry/exit signals
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