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Advanced solutions for traffic management, multi-tool software and app based, conceived for a smarter management of your city.


TMacs® is a SW platform made for ITS applications, the most advanced and flexible solution on the market today. Just a “click” and from wherever you are you can constantly monitor the status of the devices, know the details of failures in real timo, decide which traffic control strategy to adopt or wich information to give to users.

Safety Go

Safety Go

Safety Go is the system to improve better the traffic light priority that benefits the emergency vehicles and authorized vehicles based on APP for mobile devices. It allows to interrupt the traffic light cycle, to extend, to reduce or anticipate the green light in favor of the vehicles managed by the system and provide the green wave in the next traffic junctions.



AUT (Arm Unit Transfer) is a product conceived with the aim of giving all the connected equipment to communicate with each other, and consequently to communicate with the TMacs centralization platform. This device allows to centralize and interconnect different devices with different communication protocols and to take advantage of their full potential.

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