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NORMATIVE CEI EN 50556:201102

The Normative CEI EN 50556:2011-02 (Traffic lights systems for the Traffic Road Rule) declares controls and precise procedures for the maintenance of traffic lights junctions and them equipment. La Semaforica provides a maintenance service reliable, accurate and on time for all equipment such as traffic controllers, traffic lights, pedestrian pushbuttons and acoustic devices for blinds, cantilever, mast arm and straight poles and all ancillary equipment.


La Semaforica is able to maintain not only their own equipment, but also those manufactured by other companies, as well as to offer a complete service to the end customer without occur on more different speakers to solve the same problem.


Maintenance contracts can be customized according to the needs of the customer, and the features of the territory on which the equipment is located, such as the on-call service, which provides a team of technical specialists 24 hours a day / 365 days a years, to solve in a timely manner and without any interruption of service or any urgent problem may happen.


La Semaforica is able to maintain also the other equipment in addition to the traffic signals one, such as traffic detection stations, variable message signs, addressing systems to parking, weather stations, etc. with the same commitment dedication and professionalism with which provides maintenance for over 70 years at traffic lights junctions of every type, size and complexity.

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